Charming factoids about Julie and Spin The Mood

I've always been interested in being creative in one way or another (or several ways at once), but I was smitten with spinning more intensely than many things.  I do crochet a bit, and weave a bit, and have tried to learn to knit, but once I learned to spin I started accumulating skeins that didn't have a final project in mind.  Time to share the love!  I work with all kinds of fiber but primarily wool.  I don't do custom orders, (ok there was one exception and I'll tell that story later) but rather spin whatever strikes my fancy.  So if my yarn pleases you as much as it pleased me to create it, I'm sure the final project will be lovely and filled with happy thoughts. 

So from a farm in the heart of Iowa, I greet you and invite you to enjoy my work.


That was kind of boring.  Here's the real deal, I'm a little off center with a love for animals.  An introvert who gets her jollies performing.  I'm a singer, trombone player, mother of many rescued animals (currently 4 geriatric cats, Mollucan Cockatoo, Quaker Parakeet, Ball Python, Fish, Peacock, and the newest additions - 2 guinea pigs.  Don't ask about the mice. I have an odd sense of humor, let my feelings get hurt too easily, and really wish people would be nice to each other. Hopefully I can share what I love with nice people.  :)