Just Yes - Hand spun, hand dyed yarn


4 ounces of fun! This multi-colored 2 ply gives you a bit of lots of personality.

4 oz, aprox 174 yd, 11 wpi, Very warm domestic wool but not super soft.

Make sure to check out the closeup pictures.

As with most of my skeins, you could wear this as a scarf! Just tie it off with the color of your choice or take a few inches from the skein itself for a seamless look.

Handspun in my home on my Schacht Ladybug. There is no smoking here, but I do have cats that occasionally admire my work, so I can't guarantee there is no kitty fur included.

Always check for colorfastness.

When washing any wool, soak carefully and don't agitate to prevent felting.

Let me know if you would like more photos for reference!