Tweed Me Kindly - Shetland/Targhee blend and Merino Wool Handspun yarn


Natural colors are taking over this skein! The brown is a Targhee and Shetland blend with a lovely white merino twist. Fairly loose twist and thick/thin variations for personality.

Make sure to check out the closeup pictures.

As with most of my skeins, you could wear this as a scarf! Just tie it off with the color of your choice or take a few inches from the skein itself for a seamless look.

Handspun in my home on my Schacht Ladybug. There is no smoking here, but I do have cats that occasionally admire my work, so I can't guarantee there is no kitty fur included.

Always check for colorfastness.

When washing any wool, soak carefully and don't agitate to prevent felting.